As the sparks fly

Guess normally associated with anger this phrase been marginalised too.

That of anger, argument, it has been placed on the shelf.

Maybe now however might be the time to get that old volume down and start to obtained a real understanding of such things and what it might really point to.

Deeper sometimes our knowing must be. So that of limitation, programming, can be put down.

For might our real reality be that we are all living as highly charged containers of Energy?

Our home? Nothing functions outside of the electrical energy in the sky, the water, the ground. For it’s, all of it, electrically doing what it does.

That which we take to be physical at the atomic level. That of positive and negative charge it all is. All of it, nothing outside.

What we see and observe in the Nature around us, no different than the vehicle that is us. Each of us an extension and expression if you like, of the electrical energy, that abounds.

Our nervous system, pulses twelve times second, information flowing constantly. Totally electric inside you it all is. Food consumption, not more than energy transfer. Those electric feelings down your neck, when time is right. Beyond that of physical feeling.

Then there’s the energy around us we can’t see. But in no way separated from it, any more than we taking ourselves out of the physical Nature which created us. A small clue in the use of the word energy, there for you.

That of dreams, intuition, those “knowing’s” you have sometimes. In first spilt second feeling the “connection” to someone else. Equally quick the feeling of “dis-connection” to another. Never going to “click” the feeling, as if light switch tripped.

Tuning in sometimes, taking much for granted perhaps, we all have been.

And there, last, but best of all.

The freedom gifted to you. For you are the creator, your own master if you like, of the energy you can call into being. That you can create.

To create your own sparks of energy all the time. In response, or not if that your choice is, to the changes in your environment.

For when you get angry, perhaps into hate, and you are all charged up. Yelling, screaming in agony maybe. Sparks literally fly.

But in exactly same way, yours the right to create sparks / connections to others through good deed, perhaps.

Just the spark from one single smile enough to charge and change another’s Life forever more.

These sparks of energy literally fly, in just the same way.

As we interact with each other, those on the train perhaps, we are connecting and disconnecting our energy with the others and from them to you. Traces of that energy we pick up and carry. No difference in time, do these connections understand.

The angry driver on the motorway, the lovely person who said something nice to you, the same. Both leave something with you.

Then stop, maybe just for a second or two, if you will.

Can you imagine interacting in a world where the sparks of positive energy, Love and support, abound?

Where the sparks of anger, despair, hatred, deceit have been put down.

How good it would be to see only those sparks fly, on that day? When those of anger and deceit, serve us no more.

We as the creators of these sparks, a choice before all us, concerning which ones we give off. Good or bad, just ours to decide, never hasn’t been, not one day once.

Gone in those days the need to carry shields from the world. But rather a wanting to be more deeply “connected” to it. Shields no longer required.

So yes indeed, sparks do fly. Perhaps wider now the view of what the term could mean.

Please be careful with those you create. Your sparks, the good and the bad.

Pay attention to Life, learn from it. No need for more anger or hatred, to strike out. Enough of those sparks in flight already, around us all. Too much of this energy flows already, even nation state to another.

Rather, be the embracer of the coming age.

Sparks of compassion, caring, support, friendship and Love, please consider now in response.

To the lessons though Life, we all go through. Ours the choice, ours to create.

For these should be the only sparks flying about, right? That of belonging rather than rejection.

Wouldn’t that just feel fantastic one day to connect with that.


Pathways to Resonance

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