This is not the all

(please read “To try to capture the beauty”, before continuing)

The nature we know, that of dust, water, earth and sky. The who we are, the everyone here.

Amazing beautiful, beyond that we could ever imagine, there before time.

Maybe just not noticed, maybe. For it’s never moved. But now you might have shifted your position just a little to have it reveal itself to you. Having read, perhaps a few times, the article requested above.

How deep our gratitude now held for this amazingly brilliant place.

Yet when ready, perhaps not before, deeper again our appreciation can be explored. Deeper still we can go. For it wasn’t just the material from where your most delightful memories came.

There’s no end to the amazing, world of miracle’s that makes our home what it is. The best word English has, to try to reach anywhere close, “miracle”. Falls so short, so short, it does.

The layers beyond comprehension will be revealed, if the path held, for a good while. Toiled for a while with an open heart. The feelings timely arrived by now, they have.

For there are a set of rules in existence at deep layers you might catch sight off.

Instructed just so, to allow existence to exist at all. The fabric that together they become.

Layers and layers of interaction. What is allowed, what is not, how everything is supported to make this place what it is.

Our world this entire place, likened to the top of the ice berg, it can be.

When considering this mechanism that holds the cosmos in its hand. And those beyond.

For this is just the very tip of things, where we get to reside, just the tip. If there was up, in the view now described.

For at new layers what are the rules of creation? On going, all around us, they swarm. Making our experiences what they are.

Those that are needed for the physical form of expression, emotion and everything else.

The rules that make the sky blue and water feeling like it does.

The rules about feeling pain. Or the rules that make Love, Love, with the warmth inside.

The rules about how matter can operate all around us in the Universe. The rules that support that of the quantum and one day beyond that. For endless all paths are, you see, endless.

The rules that allows for billions and billions of expressions of Life at the same time. Swept wide across the Universe, Life is, in billions of forms. By the same rules that makes us what we are. Just a different selection, that’s all.

Rules, structure, definition that without, everything this place would just be a chaos soup. Rather than the serene place we see when we look up.

All these operating together in the most beautiful concert of all. Weaving the fabric required to support all possibilities of Life and places to reside.

Like watching a thousand galaxies intermingle, expanding and contracting as they dance together. Stars flying all over the place, but yet in the most delightful romance, they are.

Never ever any danger of collision, for this is the song that makes this place what it is. Perfect it can only be. For our material world is the result of this place. Most perfect all the flow is, you see.

Brilliantly exquisite the sight is.

The colours of our tree. Words fall useless before the sight revealed. Its beauty so breathe taking, eyes almost in pain, to hold gaze.

All separate each part, each rule, each aspect of divine touch, each layer to the tree we call Life. Layered from wide base to the small top. All the magic flying around, each pulled or influenced by all others, on all layers, all are, you see.

Spinning, weaving, flying as if a Murmuration of starlings, dancing together in dusks evening light. But there is no up or down, no time. Perfectly it just is what it is.

Swirling, twisting, dancing together exquisitely with colour splashing about. Sparkling, beyond sight, as you know much is beyond and outside your range. A vision of perfection it truly is.

The mechanism of application, you see, we are seeing now.

As above, so below, in perfect harmony. For never could they be in any other place. Both are one in the same thing, you see.

Ours the result of the other and the same in reverse. From before time, beyond the beyond, it comes. It always has been. Yet maybe not in operation as quite might expected, perhaps the case it is.

Oh we forgot one thing together, you and I.

This one, this place before creation, is but one billions of others in operation. Making all possibilities possible. But maybe that for another time, for now. Limitless at this level beyond ours, it is, to contain.

Just one enough to support our entire Universe and so much more. And all the endless possibilities in play just in this one place. Beyond vast all this is.

Beyond our instance of Life to comprehend perhaps. Seeing and feeling, understanding not the way.

But if ever truly understood by us, so perfect the outcome would be. That of a perfect place to live perfectly in. All would be possible.

Balance and harmony. For as above so below applies.

For it is from here, that we all came. From where all substance is derived.

All this that had to be in place, before this place and time could arrive.

“This is not the all. This is just the start.” Our title was.

Now with attempt to draw with words, just a small other part. Hopefully just a little piece more of the whole, might have already come a little closer to you.

It is with gratitude now that this little story ends. There is a massive amount around us all, to be grateful for.

Also it’s ok to hold a small smile, if you can now see a small glimpse, attempted in the words above. To let your breath be stolen from you, is fine too. If heart space held just right.


Pathways to Resonance

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