The Gift

Can you today, quietly where ever you happen to be. Take a moment or two or three?

Go quietly inside yourself, quite unnatural at first this process might be. That doesn’t mean you can’t try, or try again.

Turn off the noise of the world. All the messaging, all the news, all the pain and suffering being rammed down your throat. All the fear, in a moment, not more, case aside.

All the judgement of self, all the not fitting in. All the doubt and not good enough thinking, just torn apart.

All the worry about the future and what might, or might not be around the corner, thrown aside. Not for now, you need to carry it. The challenge now asked of you, the putting down.

To let the ego melt away, if even only for a while. For what is the real definition of “your rights” when all considered, carefully so. All does that is cost another, for your gain.

To put down perhaps shame of deeds held now in regret. A past, your path, not proud of today. But no need now for it to hold you down.

To come to a space to just be you, now, in the moment.

For in these next moments, I’m going to try to take you somewhere, special. And if you aren’t in tune with yourself right now, all the burden, worry, risks and doubts case aside, still holding down. You might miss the exquisiteness of our moment together.

For once everything cleared, out of your way. No past, no future, just here quietly.

And you go inside and being to feel the unburdened feelings inside.

For the energy we all carry, just wants to speak quietly with you.

To remind you how great and wonderful it is to be here experiencing all around.

If you’ve loved deeply before or hold that space now, where with all your being you committed, remain committed today without hesitation. What it is to feel that safe and just “at home” with the other person.

Comfortable beyond description. Soul mates, not even close.

What it was to receive the hug from another, if pain has come your way.

No need for words, for caught up in the moment of pure compassionate love you were. Humanity.

The feeling of Joy, perhaps elation, quietly inside yourself when overcome something massive. If even only known to you, you have achieved. So, so much power in that internal smile. Your accomplishment yours right now and that is about perfect, right?

The warmth arriving to you, encircling you as it arrives. When your’ve finally been brave enough to forgive yourself of something. Something major for you that you’ve overcome, broken through or walked from.

What it feels like in the exact moment when you have done this. And it really took a deep deep hold with you. Cause something just massive for you, now forever it will all be.

Or the feeling when you have “danced in the rain” for yourself, literally. The joy feeling always close when you think of times you’ve danced in celebration in your own way. Not a care in the word.

Go back now quietly and feel these things and the warmth of all the other arrivals into your mind.

Feel how lifted your soul feels, when baggage discarded and Life enjoyed, returns.

The freedom, “the how in touch” with yourself it all felt.

For in these moments for you and all the others that might arrive now, having read this. Maybe gone back and tried all this a few times, before the feeling rose, or could be felt.

In that feeling of all those moments is the truth about how we are supposed to be living here right now.

For Life isn’t supposed to be a load. It isn’t meant to be killing so many around the globe, as we do. It was never supposed to be about struggle, hate or deceit.

For you are supposed to be living here right now, all the time, somewhere close to all those elation feelings we all have had. All the time.

It’s just a matter of changing our minds, turning around and going in another direction.

Collectively and individually not more important, could anything be.

Maybe a change is worth, the risks, right now?

We have to make this a better place, together. Sometime soon.


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