What would be the harm right, if we tried something different?

You know when we put down all our guns and start to help ourselves, instead of killing each other.

Where we stop and lend a hand, some assistance to each other, when needed.

Where know our neighbours and locks are no longer needed on doors.
Living in a world where poverty is no more. People, the people, each of us, looking after each other, as we should.

Where we are actually enjoying ourselves, on a most regular basis. How would that feel right?

Where we honestly and genuinely feel amazing, that we are alive.

Previous destruction now a thing of the past.

Where Life is committed to real progress on all levels together. Progress on how to look after our home and each other all the time. Making Life, all of it, better, committed we are..

Where work used, focused upon automation as much as possible to provide as much leisure time as possible.

Where everything around us has been built in the most planet friendly manner. Rather than the destruction we cause today.

Where our kids are encouraged to explore and make discovery. Chasing dreams the order of the day.

Where we are busy saving our own Lives and all the other things we share this place with.

Where all required tidy up works have been completed honestly. Because caring for our home, now supremely important, we have made it.

Where we live with less, perhaps yes, but so much genuinely happier we all are. But what we do have is made strong, to last and upgradable everything is.

Because everyone on the planet now has what they need to survive.

Where the pain of watching the children die, a thing of the past.

Where lies at all levels, the hatred and anger towards each other, no longer understood.

I know, an impossible dream, maybe some would say. And maybe hopefully only for a short while that might be true.

But as more and more ask to ask themselves the right questions, so they too could see the layer of muck that has been holding us down.

Then this place would be really different for all of us. As more and more put down the old ways that kill and destroy and begin to embrace and celebrate the coming of this new age. This new energy.

For many, many now, beginning to feel it arrive. A full cycle of Life as it starts to arrive. As those that knew, knew it would all along. Where mankind started to focus on real advancement for ourselves, all of us.

Something that might be worth giving a go. If we think about it right?

If it turns out we want to leave this planet better than it was when we arrived, for a change. And we desire to Live together a lot, lot, better than we are today.

Might that be ok as well, please?

Something that might be worth giving a go, maybe?

Or what are we thinking?. What direction would you have us go?



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