The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life

Every part of me, all that is physical in nature, came once from a star. For there is not one part of me, not one atom of substance, that wasn’t born from star dust. From somewhere in time before.

I have conscious decision built right in, given even without request, free indeed it is mine.

I can choose who I want to be, at any time in my Life. That of great Joy, to Love. To experience pain and sadly sometimes loss.

Throughout all experience it is mine, the task, to choose my path and what I learn along the way.

I have a soul journeying with me, contained in my physical form.

Making me more whole than most comprehend. That which does not know time, committed to my advancement it is. If I give it half a chance. For my Life continues on, once I have departed this plain. Once to dust my physical form returns.

I can create, I can destroy. For it is my actions, my reactions, which shapes the who, I am, in my Life.

It is up to me, what I deem important in Life. The judgement of others just noise, not more. For it is the value I place on what I do, that is mine to decide. Those things I deem valuable to me, mine.

Anger can control me, from all the things unfair, that may have come my way, if I allow it.

Equally I can move in Love, deciding to give to others in need. To be generous or confined, mine to decide.

I can be the explorer throughout my Life. Seeking out the experiences, perhaps the emotions contained therein, those things which might be only important to me. If brave enough to follow your heart.

I can do amazing things at so many levels of my Life and for those around me. Perhaps the most powerful of all, those which remain unseen.

I can see and be amazed. I can touch and feel my way. I can hear, not just from the audible zone. But from places much richer much closer to the home I left to be here for a while. I can smell, both that of sweet and sour. I can experience it all.

I can make my heart race with excitement, or spend considerable time learning our to slow it all down.

I can listen to the quiet voice from inside and start to wake up the connections I carry. That given before request, with all that around me. In the environment that is laid out before.

I can put considerable effort to reconnecting to my home, once I understand that I just forgot my way for a while. Judgement need not take any part. For it never moves away, because it never can.

I can Love. So deeply, with all my heart and every fibre of my Soul. So powerful Love is, at times as if time stopped, if even only, for a while.

I can give, instead of take. I can make investment in those around me, rather than putting myself first. I can choose confidence, rather than hide away.

And of this miracle of Life.

All of us, the you and I, to all the same, in equal measure opportunity all this has been given. And so, so much more.

For you are no greater nor less than all the rest. The same is the value we all carry, priceless. Travellers, with mighty power given, we all be.

The miracle of this place given to each of us, and the who we all are, in equal measure.

Perhaps just forgotten what a miracle it all is, that we are here at all.

For it was from star dust we came.

In equal measure all given.

For nothing can hold any of us back, accept for ourselves.


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