For full affect. Slowly come back to earth, weight of the world no longer on the shoulders. If only for a little while. Take a moment, two or three, to come in close to yourself. Feel the warmth that which is Life inside you, please do.

Hold that space to come on a gentle little ride with me. It’s safe, warm and gentle, this ride is. So you can feel safe in letting go of everything around you. Nothing to fear.

For as we visit today, these thoughts together, let each beautiful moment arrive to you. No need to rush, not one bit. In fact if speed is “your way”, then the risk of missing it you take.

For a little while only, come gently through the views, you may not have felt before, in quiet the same way.

That moment your heart leapt when first Love arrived into your Life. Consuming all other thoughts, pushed out of the way. No space for anything else than day dreaming in Love. Seeing all the colours around you brighter than they were yesterday. The world somehow in celebration around you, it seems. Take a moment to remember, if lucky enough to Love, you have been.

With arms so long around, surrounding you in the world’s best hug, from Mum, Dad or good friend. Nowhere else in the world would you be. The feeling of warmth, acceptance and Love almost over whelming at times. Never wanting it to end, safe and Loved. No need for anything more.

Yet more now we can explore.

When perhaps you have been trusted with new Life, for the first time. The feeling as parents, when eyes first open or maybe first smile noticed. A brand new Life in the world.

So, so scary, but can’t stop smiling the result.

Just how brilliant Life felt, if parenthood has visited your Life. You know, when remembering the feeling in your heart when first time this new Love has arrived.

Tingles, right and maybe a small smile, if even only internally.

Or maybe that time you experienced something that really took your breath away. Like the most amazing fireworks show, ten times better than anything you’ve seen before. Lying on cool nights grass, in awe of the show. No better place to be.

Under cool nights air, gazing at nights sky. As the Universe of stars and galaxies descend into your Life. As if then in that moment, drifting in the sky, you are, for all time.

Maybe when you finally overcame or arrived to point you have worked hard to achieve. The feeling of accomplishment, having overcome all.

When song arrives and you just have to dance, or it lifts your spirit to soar. If even on the inside, bouncing off the walls, you find yourself.

As it takes you back to the feeling of being amazing, amazing people, amazing places or experiences. Great energy of Joy and happiness delivered back to you each time melody heard.

When achievement or pride for another’s accomplishment beside you. Has you feeling like you’ll explode. So full of Joy for them, you are. A sister, bother, cousin who overcame much. So happy for them, if even from afar.

Or just maybe last time you laughed, so hard you cried. Struggling to draw breath into lungs. You laughed so hard.

Perhaps in the passion of first Love making session. Where totally let go, you have been. Lost totally in the giving to another. Where time no longer held.

Or the child that played, the you, without a care in the world.  The world of make believe and fantasy, stopping time itself. Imagination all required, it was. How nice it is to go back.

Take a moment now and explore the space of these memories and feelings, quietly so, before venturing on.

So hold now, the feeling, the energies hopefully more than one of these, has struck for you. Even better the result. If having sat quietly with yourself, all of them just amplified the feelings of happiness for you. Its about right.

For now holding it all out in front, the energy rises, even greater and greater again, it might.

For when now you cast you eye to all that in Nature that has supported you experiencing all of this. Then, maybe then, the amazing beauty of our home, if even just the notion first explored today, for the first time indeed.

How much more than the sum of all of these things, should our energy be, that Nature provided us our home, for all these wonderful feelings and notions you now hold.

For it was upon the Earth, right there throughout your Life. That Nature gave you everything it had for you to feel and be who you are today. To be feeling the way that hopefully you are right now.

How much more now hopefully you’ll hold your vision.

How beautiful this entire place is, in the doing of what it does. To give us Life, to allow us to celebrate the being here at all, the gift.

For without thanks or accolade. The Nature, the most beautiful of all, has provided all of us a home.

And then now as we find ourselves holding the view, you might feel the real beauty of the Nature that makes this place what it is.

And not just for you and I, as if that wouldn’t be enough. But it does what it does every day, for everyone alive in this place.

The ground that holds you up, the air you breathe, the birds in the sky. The light that comes with day break. The beauty as it gently drifts again into night. The water you drink, the food we all take for granted, it seems.

See now, today in this moment, perhaps for the first time. The beauty, the awe inspiring beauty, which has given you all these amazing times of your Life.

And if hopefully these few words have brought you close to see the view.

How much gratitude we should all have just to be standing upon the ground we do today.

Let alone all it has delivered to us, all these amazing experiences, we get to ride through. Those hopefully recalled to the fore of your being today. There in your heart.

When permission we give ourselves to feel, pure gratitude, for this place we call home.

For the Nature of this place and what it does just for you, today.

What a beautiful sight to behold.

And the best part, the very best of the best?

That as you go through your life today where ever you are. If you now look at the real Nature of this place.

Perhaps a smile will arrive on your face. When you see how beautiful, this place really is. Then feel the gratitude for just being here at all.

For that is how beautiful this place is.


Pathways to Resonance.

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