The Line that cannot be seen

The Line that can not be seen

This photo captures something really important. Evidence in fact of a mindset that pollutes and consumes as it goes deeper and deeper into our physic.

And for those now looking hard at the picture, trying to find anything of significance, not long into our journey required and all revealed, will be.

For this photo, taken in Australia, shows the Earth, the stone, the rotting gum litter and other plants and insects at Life, in Life at this moment of time.

Yet not in these things is the veil of deceit that we’ll now explore.

For here, captured, that which doesn’t exist physically, yet taught to respect at all times we must, drilled deep within. For here in this innocent photo of our home is where the legal fiction we have been taught to respect and obey, begins.

Because here in the photo, is the legal border as the division caused when we define a “state line”.

One leg on one side, one leg on the other, so just the question in which “state” was I when capturing this print? Too hard to “legally” answer I suspect the case. Such is the madness we are about to explore.

Yet, yet before venturing now forth. Even before our journey commences, one thing still puzzles the mind. For we know not the width of the legally “defined magic line”. That “legally” separates one state from the other. For is it 10 mm in thickness, or 300 mm or a meter perhaps? Only in the legal corridors it is supposed that someone has legally defined such things. For such is the madness when trying to define such things.

For legal is the world of fictional definition, trying to contain our Natural world and us inside it.

This fictional nonsense used to trap and snare, we before any of us arrived.

But this line, not captured in the photo that we can see. Immediately delivers, for sure, a few things.

  1. It “divides” the regions into more of a “local control” model. It is suggested perhaps that this makes our lives better, in some way. Surprising really that we take such things for granted.
  2. It insidiously divides people of single nations into sometimes seemingly opposing countries, these states become. A law unto themselves no less.  Well seemingly at least, as sometimes such are the differences in states, that some invest millions or more, “kinda going to war” with another state. Or needing now all manner of agreement to be agreed too and managed. All required plain sight to see.
  3. We instantly become the servants of two layers of “fictional law”, requested or not. If federally the model appiled. Once then at a “state” level. But also now additionally at a more “federated overall law” above that of the state. Both now more than capable of inflicting great pain upon their people. As has now been proven, for the eyes to see, of late. Whilst sad in additional consideration given, is the conclusion when the layer role of local council, shire or city authority. Layered even closer to our home. Presiding over us all now at every local level. With all the extra “blunders of government” built in. To clash and fight with each other. Or cost us more in taxes, so we can pay for all their madness. They have told us we so badly need.
  4. Everything between states is made more expensive immediately, to do. It creates overhead before it does anything else.

Sadly however that is not the limit of this line we can’t see.

For what happens when we explore this line applied between countries. Quite normal, amazingly, we accept this to be.

  1. We need “approval”, permits now, before we can visit each other. Or to go somewhere, anywhere for that matter permission required. So bad now in fact, no place can be visited without prior permission to visit. We need “approvals” before allowed just to explore our home.

  2. This little legal line at a country level seems to provide permission to invade each other. For how easy do we seem to find it, to go to war and cause mass murder upon ourselves in the doing of it? Just because of the divisions caused by these lines.

  1. If our food grows outside our “country line”, emperors clothes, not more. Then everything has to cost more, in the processing and bureaucracy invoked by this thing we can’t see, touch or feel. The same also applies to anything anywhere that needs to be “imported”, whatever that means. For the place of origin, not yet from anywhere else than a single planet.
  1. Any form of real advancement for the species at a global agreement level, you know, what might actually be good for us all. Is made instantly more than difficult. If not, completely impossible.  Forever these invisible chains bind and control, you see.

To get us now to truly just “put down our guns”. Completely impossible to imagine right? Be honest and really try to imagine that, please do. No guns, for Peace would become the real power of the day. But guns we are told we need to keep all those bad guys out. A threat to “our country” no less. For we must hold the boundry thus.

For that is how deep just these fictional lines are you see. To the point, if your own home you live. You know exactly the lines of your properties “boundary”. For that now is “your place”, so you are told.

And what now is the point of this perspective given? Get to the point please do.

Criminal Law sadly required right now. Because as a species, we are not yet mature enough not to need such things.

But this “civil law” example above, when you look at it just right. Is completely and total madness.
Built to present to us a “safe world” (well just about) that we are told we need so much. Nothing further from the truth could be.

When the actual truth is that civil law is nonsense built to inflict restriction and penalty. And we pay for the building of these prisons around us. We are literally purchasing all this Law and insanity. Paying for the delivery of smaller and smaller prisons in our lives.

We are paying for restriction more and more you see.

For in the photo used, no amount of trying will magically make “the line” appear upon our Earth. It’s not expressed anywhere on the planet to be found you see. Because it literally doesn’t exist.

In reality, none of these lines actually do. Nor the need for the human race to be the only species that is paying to live here and be bound by such things.

For if you now today in this moment decide to give it a try. Live peacefully, with gratitude, compassion and caring for others around you. To see how much of this nonsense is not required when you are doing what is your right to do.

It is quite easy to live for months and years even, perhaps to the very end. Never needing any “civil law” to trespass into your Life. You’ll not need it, ever again.

For all manner of civil law, you see, is built only to do two things.

Remove us from our entitlement of actually enjoying living here.

And to pay others to define what “our rights” are and what happens if we cross another factious line, on that faithful day.

None of this “law” or “removal of our power” as some might define it. Has ever been written, not once, from a perspective of getting out and encouraging you to actually enjoy Life more.

Or been written to give you more leisure time. Or encouraged you to spend more time with family or friends, defined in Law, never the case.

Or that of “legally” giving you the time to explore your heart’s desire, without massive cost of departure applied. If brave enough you are to step outside, and try to survive on your own, for a while.

Not one “Bill” or “ACT”, bylaw, or decree.

But here is the thing maybe a level deeper, some might label it so.

Where else might your heart now take you to elements of your Life arriving. Having now seen the picture painted thus. Where all manner of programming invisible before. Now in plain sight they arrive. Just let your heart go into it, and they’ll arrive, you’ll see.

For all these actions, are treachery and treasonous acts no less. Built to trap, snare and keep us small and contained.

Yet to make all this nonsense irrelevant, so easy it for all of us to decide.

All required is to start to individually do the right thing by each other.

  • Like listening well to another’s position or point. Rather than to cut off, shut down. For who knows, maybe they spent considerably more time forming their point, than I have myself. With any luck some learning might be the result. Mindful listening for sure worth the time. For my inability to take on another’s position, my refusal in being right and holding them wrong. Might speak louder about who I am and my limitations than anything else.
  • Like beginning to be generous with those in your Life. Start giving them quality time in support, and see what you get back in return. Hard to imagine having many people in your life that actually care, around you is easy, today. But it needn’t stay that way, in return.
  • Like physically helping someone in need. For just a simple smile exchanged, can literally save a Life.
  • To stop looking towards “another” to resolve disputes and disagreements. Instead genuinely apply ourselves to sorting out our own problems. By taking back the knowledge of what it is to be, a responsible person. Taking great care to try to find “win win” outcomes, when the challenges arrive.
  •  Look after what you have. Make it last. Turn down the consumption all seem intoxicated over. Reduce your impact upon our planet, oh and grow your own food, if you can. A most precious gift given, if so, you find yourself.

For all this law only ever required because of one thing. And for one thing only, it has invaded every aspect of our lives.

That each of us together and individually hasn’t as yet been brave enough just to be ourselves.

Living peacefully together on this single chunk of rock we call home.

For nowhere is there any place where someone won’t tell me I need permission to be. About what our kids must learn. What medications are compulsory to be subjected to. How they are being educated to spend their Life working for another. Such a waste, just to support all this fiction, invading all of our lives.

For all of this nonsense, right back now to the unseeable line in the photo. Is only required because we haven’t yet come into the understanding of how powerful we each are. Powerful in fact, to Live together in a vast array of other ways.

For change every moment in time of experience coming towards us, all of us can. I can strike out and in reply the Universe responds. Or when the next time of lesson comes again, react in a different way.

Rather if compassion held, perhaps the depth of suffering, where the other is truly “coming from”, might arrive into sight. And rather than walls and division the result each time. Maybe a great seed of friendship and understanding might begin to take hold. Who knows, you might even learn a lot about your self, along the way.

If us, me, you, those around our circles of families and friends all decided to make investment thus.

All those hollow “authorities”, deaf to them all we would be. “The Law’, then actually totally powerless to stop you and I from starting to look after each other. Totally irrelevant it would all be. Our invisible line captured in the photo, needed no more.

For there is, you see, actually no power or real authority from just words and pieces of paper. Unless that is, your behaviour still requires such things.

We need nothing that divides separates and restrict us. For these lines, with blood on their hands, all of them have deliver to us restriction division and limit, not more.

For we all share but one home you see. A single place that supports all the wondrous variations of Life. Ours just one part of the many.

It knows no Law other than its own. No definition of do’s and don’ts, right or wrong required.

Nothing to restrict or bind or limit, no legal definitions required.

All this from an imaginary line drawn everywhere, all around us, to bind and keep us small.

Why couldn’t our picture just be of the Earth, no other definition required? No hidden deceit, inside required.

All this from an imaginary line drawn everywhere, all around us, to bind and keep us small.

Why couldn’t our picture just be of the Earth, no other definition required?

No hidden deceit, inside.

Just us, trying to live better with each other, day by day.

As each day given for us to wake up and try.

What a gift this life together could be, if we tried.

And now, now as our reflection, sun setting upon it. Visit back to the place this all began.

Our little picture and find for yourself where our magical line resides. Deep inside the minds of those that control all of us, you’ll find it for sure. For in this picture, not a trace of material you’ll find.

For maybe a new world might come into focus if you do.


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