What it is to see colour

What it is to see colour

What we see from colour as our eyes take in the vision before. The colours we see are the result of all other colour being absorbed by Nature. It is not that green, yellow or Blue are being given off in reality. It is that all other colour is being absorbed.

We see what we do, because all other colour has been removed from sight. We have clarity of the experience as a result. Because everything else is not reflecting back and confusing the view.

Our reality, that of the pyshcail experience isn’t what it is because the colours, rather all those that we don’t. For when all else is removed we see the resulting reality. The truth of frequency, its purity, if you like.

Can be experienced only when all else has been cleared from sight.

Nature speaks though what is often unseen, unnoticed. It teaches wisely has it has since before time. The attunement to reside, is all required. For these gifts, there in equal measure for all to discover for self.

In the same way Life, our lives, your Life exactly the same.

Filled most are now in this modern world, with pressure, stress, tension, regrets, doubt, deceit or lack of honesty with one’s self, maybe the struggle.

Commitments, unfair to be carried in any Life, now you’re not normal if you don’t! Deadlines, eat this way or that, commit to this latest trend. To be seen in the right places or knowing the right stuff.

The beauty, the colour of richness arrives when, awareness builds that all this outer stuff is simply the colour burring the eyes to not see Life as this exquisite ride it is. Because out of balance your Life is, with all this other noise, blurring the sight.

Like you’ve painted into Life all manner of colour that needn’t be there. It inhibits greatly our ability to see clearly the realities around us. For ultimately when all colours mixed, the resulting colour is black.

Even the need to be heard, or right on anything, foggy the lense of seeing might be.

We wouldn’t be able to see much of anything at all, if Nature didn’t do what it does. So that we might see the real colours we do.

The more you remove all this external noise, pollution and pressure from your Life. The more vibrant wonderful and enjoyable Life becomes.

It is there, little by little, when each piece now seen, acknowledged, worked through and put aside. When you remove the other colours from your Life, then the real colours of Life itself begin to show up.

The ones that were waiting for you to arrive to this awareness.

When you have seen it for yourself now and committed to the path you have. To remove all these other things that now no longer serve.

The journey only you can partake.

It is there day by day, bit by bit, Life’s true colours will start to arrive, in their own way, special for you. Delivered in the most perfect of ways.

Once all the other colours in your Life are cleared, so you may have sight.

Such is the lesson that Nature teaches.

Such also can be your Life.


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