And now the news

And now the news

I took a decision a while ago, that what was being sold as “The News” wasn’t. Now don’t pay it much attention as a result.

Don’t remember when actually I last bothered. Life – well that got better.

But to replace all the nonsense pumped at you, why not create a few real news items. (not necessarily popular, eye catching, or trending) but I give not a hoot.

Today’s Headlines

1. Poverty remains the number one killer on the planet.

2. We have but one home – Earth. Yet everyone seems hell bent on destroying it.

3. Communities being ripped apart by FEAR based messaging bombarding the populous.

4. Fukushima now confirmed to be a Global Life / Total Extinction Threatening Event. Yet the World continues to ignore.

5. Absolute reliance on fossil fuels stands to either kill the Planet or will cause the total collapse of society, you pick which.

6. Mass extinction likely in the near future, either by Fukushima, the End of Fossil Fuels, Global World War 3, or many other means.

7. Reliance on “Global Economics” proved to be an extremely risky strategy.

8. Huge percentages of Corporations trade human life for profit, all the time.

9. Religion proved to be toxic, community controlling and causing division / death.

10. Politics proved to derive no positive outcome whatsoever, expect for the Politicians, Bankers and Corporations.

11. Educations systems only generating the next generation of slaves to work for their entire life’s.

I could go on


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