Today I am sad

So much pain, hatred, coming at me with such speed and volume it overwhelms. Those that want to crush their neighbour snuffing out this gift called Life. Those taking their Life, whilst others lose their fight to hang onto theirs. So many folk lost, searching for answers. Carrying bags oh so heavy for oh so...

Posted by admin | 25 January 2023| 2020, Articles without Photos, V IV | development, Discovery, individual, Pathways, personal, self, spiritual
We can’t change anything really.

All that has been has been before, has been before. All that is going to be, was set down and understood before time began. Such is the power of the flow that governs time and space in this place. The underlying flow that does what it does, supporting this place, this universe. It has power...

As the sparks fly
Posted by admin | 19 January 2023| 2023, Articles with Photos, V V | development, individual, journey, personal, self, spiritual

Guess normally associated with anger this phrase been marginalised too. That of anger, argument, it has been placed on the shelf. Maybe now however might be the time to get that old volume down and start to obtained a real understanding of such things and what it might really point to. Deeper sometimes our knowing...

Posted by admin | 19 January 2023| 2019, Articles without Photos, V III | development, Discovery, Enlightenment, journey, personal, self, spiritual
Sometimes I smile

I watch much “going on” around me as this Life progresses each day. It seems that the volume of noise about those that cause us all these issues is being turned up and up. It's the governments fault, Those who bring us “The Law” they are to blame. Those bloody Police picking on me. Even...

This is not the all
Posted by admin | 19 January 2023| 2023, Articles with Photos, V V | Awareness, development, Pathways, personal, self, spiritual

(please read “To try to capture the beauty”, before continuing) The nature we know, that of dust, water, earth and sky. The who we are, the everyone here. Amazing beautiful, beyond that we could ever imagine, there before time. Maybe just not noticed, maybe. For it’s never moved. But now you might have shifted your...

The Gift
Posted by admin | 18 January 2023| 2023, Articles with Photos, V V | Awareness, development, Enlightenment, individual, self, spiritual

Can you today, quietly where ever you happen to be. Take a moment or two or three? Go quietly inside yourself, quite unnatural at first this process might be. That doesn’t mean you can’t try, or try again. Turn off the noise of the world. All the messaging, all the news, all the pain and...

Posted by admin | 18 January 2023| 2023, Articles without Photos, V V | Enlightenment, individual, journey, personal, self, spiritual

What would be the harm right, if we tried something different? You know when we put down all our guns and start to help ourselves, instead of killing each other. Where we stop and lend a hand, some assistance to each other, when needed. Where know our neighbours and locks are no longer needed on...

How Deep our depth of gratitude
How deep our depth of gratitude should be.

Nature means many things. The birds, the rivers, oceans, the sky the land upon which we live. Common your thoughts would be if your mind takes to these places. But there is more, oh so much more to the depth of what Nature really is. The Nature that we take for granted each day, giving...

The Wheel of Time
Posted by admin | 12 January 2023| 2019, Articles with Photos, V III | development, Discovery, individual, personal, self, spiritual
The Wheel of Time

There is much evidence across all ancient cultures that clearly show awareness of Time and Creation. Many share very common themes across their mythology. There is evidence of understanding and knowledge going very deep. Much truth buried in behind symbols and stories. Whilst these tools and messages are fine for the discovery of self from...

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