A refection of where we all are


A virus moves in takes over the host, perhaps finite in resource, multiples and eventually kills itself by destroying the host. Sheer madness right!

No organism should be programmed or operate thus.

And yet here we are.Living on a place of finite resource, all it seems, operating as part of a virus, maybe just on a larger scale than considered before.

Perhaps a scale that tends to remove the individual of responsibility as part of the whole.Let’s ponder for just a tick.When we purchase anything wrapped in plastic are we not, in our own small way, supporting the Oil Industry? (worse still anything made of plastic).

The same Oil companies with oil spill records that are a joke.

When we use sprays and weed killers around the home aren’t we supporting the large chemical companies, making our home (the planet) more toxic?

When we purchase food that is imported from God knows where, aren’t we helping to promote the consumption of fossil fuels?

When we purchase power with source from Nuclear reactors, aren’t we helping the nuclear industry grow.

The same industry that is still currently killing the Pacific Ocean and worse.

This list goes on and on.

When our life’s are viewed from a global virus perspective we all play our part in operation of being a virus (or not).

Endlessly consuming from a finite resource.

Yet as individuals in this big consumption machine we are all actively contributing to this virus pattern.

There are better ways to live and make decisions around how you will live that start to move away from all behaviour exhibited by a virus.Individually in your own way, we all can make decisions that have better outcomes and ramifications than those of today.

Your decisions, your actions, your choices matter, as individuals contributing to the outcomes of the whole.

Each and every person alive today, individually and at a personal level matters, when looked at from the whole.Someone else’s problem, this one is not.

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