I care not for your politics


For it matters not who or what view is in power.

Inbuilt in the game of making sure personal interests are played before any consideration of what is good for the people “represented”.Democrat, Labour, Republican, Liberal, National, left or right, it matters not.

For the system of politics, serves the individual first, the party second and more.

The real needs of the people in last place behind all.Yes, a different system needed, long overdue.

Until then I care not for your politics.

A bad puppet show at best. Screaming shouting, denial and accusation, de-focused on real outcomes.

Being in the right place being seen with the right folk or trend more important than outcomes.

Expensive to run, expensive to maintain.

Motivations completely skewed.

My vote, it matters not, for I will never know who’s hand or hands really set party policy / party agenda.

Too much hidden and defined in places beyond public sight.

When weighted all, nothing ever truly changed or made better, in any significant way.

An Answer:First the individual, all individuals, need to understand their own power, their own responsibility to live with as little outside influence as possible.

The outsourcing of the individuals’ responsibilities to others must be in decline.

Living beyond blame and being upright and honestly with yourself a place to


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