They must tell you first

Your personal power
The energy gifted at the beginning of Life, yours to do with as you feel.

Annoyed, Angry, Aggressive, Happy, Glad, in Love, Joy, all places you can decide to direct yourself to be. And many many more.

For you are the conductor of your own music. Easy to create or destroy. Especially if attention not paid.

But throughout Life it is yours and yours alone.

No one can actually take it from you. It can not be stolen, ever.

As we go forward, be careful about where you place your energy.

But make no mistake.

They, who ever they are, want to take from what you have. Theirs the story that must be right, right?

Theirs the tax they must take from you, because this is the “normal” way.

Theirs the “normal” that binds and confines.

Theirs the achievement that you are struggling through, one day to arrive.

When major the change being delivered, if you look carefully enough, they will have always told you, programmed you, to be under their spell just so.

For it is only then that you’ll react either good or bad.

For it is only then that you’ll decide to give away a bit of the whole you are.

But mistake do not make.

In order to react, all others must announce, what they are about to do.

Once understood, pay attention to the signs.

For in order for your energy to be of use to them, whomever they are. First you must be told the story their way. Then and only then, the decision to make.

Do I believe in the fear, the anger and the hate, to take on board all they would have me be.

Bit by bit, day by day, giving away the very essence of “this is me”.

Without even understanding your part in the play.


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