When I look out

When I look out

So much, so very much we can be. The potential we bring with us into this life, unsurpassed the possibilities are. For in each moment presented our choices define what the future brings.

That of War, Hate, Isolation and Separation just the easiest of choices made. Tearing ourselves apart at the slightest provocation. So quick to anger, for the sake of profit. The sake of what are “my rights”. Country on country, neighbour to neighbour, son to father, mother to daughter.

Yet in this madness, my heart breaks, torn apart by all the potential denied.

I sometimes lie bleeding, hardly able to take breathe, for all that we could be. Crushed under the weight of the Grace extended, the gift given, that priceless priceless gift. Beyond measure, so much we could be. Tears an endless flow.

For as easy as decision to be in anger, so we could choose to be in Love.

Caring for our home. Rather than destruction being our path. We instead could choose to nurture, it isn’t hard, truly it isn’t.

Those who have less than all we guard and hold withdrawn from the world, so easy to care. To give even that little bit with the energy of the gift so pure. Not to be seen, but rather to know, to know from the heart.

Rather than the striking out it seems all too quickly, we could take the time to listen with the mightiest weigh of compassion on the shoulder. To those around who need only to share to be healed and not to be judged.

Peace on this place we call home, is just that next moment away. Peace is the next outcome if decision taken to follow her path.

Much in this world is broken, by our own hand, these shattered pieces lay. Yet mending potentially even easier if madness brushed away.

Let the child be heard, for all required, just an ear. Let the tears of the Mother fall under the weight for the Love for the Child.

Let the Father open arms embrace the child from the wildness, gone for oh so long.

These things, in these acts are the endless realms of all we could be.

I fear that in our denial path, much destruction comes. For we lied to ourselves, about the nature of our Nature.

May your choices be those of support, compassion and kindness.

That you may as well feel the crushing Love of all we have and decision taken, just so.

Glimpses are given, but it seems we got used to denying all the potential we are.


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