I care not for your media

I care not for your media

The news just isn’t, the news, anymore.

Distorted, abused, a means of programming the media sources have become. Tweaked and twisted for agendas out of sight. I care not for your TV broadcasted rubbish.

Never is the focus on good things, nor the real issues of the day. Always over dramatized it is, repeated, repeated and then again, until the fear has time to take hold. Often with stories crafted from a single source, for the world to consume.

I care not for the printed matter abounding in our society today. For this is used equally to broadcast the same rubbish, perhaps worse, than how the broadcasted “News” is dispatched.

I care not for “The News” pumped at torrent rate into my pocket or home via the “must have” technology of today. For all this does is let this crap in 24 hours a day.

I care not for the banner “social media”. For the programming conducted here, is perhaps the worst. The Fear pervasive, the Ego’s unchecked, the Anger like a wild fire out of control. For the most part there is nothing remotely social to these media forms.

Too strong the influence all of this has on the citizens of the world, when considered how much of it gets in. Responsive programming the name of the game. Not to mentioned the distraction element of the game.

And what of all can I influence or make better from my life?

Why then do I need to know all they would have me consume?

Yes some things are tragic and sad, I wished they hadn’t happened. But instead might I be better to take back this time?

To apply my energies to local things where my contribution directly changes this place.

Instead: be social get good at it. Take the time to meet in person and learn how to listen and gently be heard. Build real social networks around your life, if you wish, face to face, for this is how the word Social should be applied.

Seek out the good news in the world. It takes effort but the learning far richer, the result.

Turn off, throw out and get rid of all this other nonsense coming at you at torrent rate. Focus on the doing the things that change others life’s, those things well within reach of yours. If we all did so, then the flavour of “the news” would have to change.

And if the news was really The News, how different things would be. Real news of the real issues of today, there might be.

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