Just because, it’s the way it should be

On a wisp of breeze the seed carried to places unknown.
Just enough to deliver to the new home. Without control or knowledge, life carried just the same.
Landed, taking hold, built in the code to be lived.
Living on edge, with future out of control, not able to change seasons or outcomes around. Yet the beauty has to shine, noticed or not. Just life doing what life does, regardless of attention paid. Not judging or biased in anyway, just being what programmed to be, beauty shining. Regardless of others nearby, in spite of all “normality”.
In the same way, this is all your life needs to be.
At rest with where you are, not taking on the judgement of others around. Just letting yourself shine regardless of circumstances abound.
Simple for you, just in the next moment be.
Care not for the conditioning from outside. Be strong and be it regardless of who might be around.
Built right in, this code is in us all.

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