As the swell gently laps the shore

A storm begins to arrive from oceans beyond ours.

Many before did what they could to delay the arrival, knowledge from so distant times. Effective in the most part they were for a moment or two. Sadly that knowledge now lost in the sands of time.

But clear the knowledge about what was ahead.

For the water once still from Millennia before, now begins to stir.

Gradually at first, waves have formed on our shores. So slow the process that lifetimes required, to notice the new result.

Normal, it has now been for the waves to be present. Where previously none were before.

But make no mistake the change, delayed for a while, now begins gently, its assault on the shore.
Natural indeed as the tree that loses the leaf to the ground. For these seasons come and go, just as all do. Hopefully in this time not to up root our tree of Life altogether, the case. The warm summer Sun to shine again on Springs new leaf, the result.

The games that Man plays, not even as foam on the water.

So little the impact of our intent, on the swells as they build. But much additional misery and suffering the result. Sad indeed for those distracted and swept up by that show.

For as the waves gather, building slowly at first, the coast first will be struck as all storms do when they make land. More and more the waves will come. Higher and higher they’ll rise. Driven by the winds of time with such force, words can not describe. Traveling far far inland beyond imagination the result.

Those that get to stay luck, in part at play, not more. Maybe however those no longer here, viewed only, from jealous eyes.
For when the full force of this storm felt, that of normal will be no more. Normal then that of far distant memory past, it might only be, set to last.

Brought back into alignment with Nature, those that remain will be tasked. Back to the most Natural of struggles we’ll be, just to be.

But indeed on that day, that one faithful day, the storm will ebb and be no more. Leaving in its wake, a clean slate, we might again get to play.

Our Nature knows these times come and go. Adapting, changing bringing forth new Life, all things to begin again, indeed will be.

But now, in the future, its going to be a while before before the waters return to still again. As through the eye of the storm, we are set to pass.

For as the dragon has prescribed, these cycles, a part of the die that has been cast.


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