Words, right in front of you they are

Words, right in front of you they are

I have touched on some if this before, but I wanted to show a few things about our language and the words we use. (things that are never taught today).

Your English language uses Sentences and Spelling to create statements.

Ever looked at those words this way and what the deeper meaning of them both actually are?

Spelling / Spell: Yes of course you ‘‘spell” your words, but who’s ‘‘spell” are you actually spelling?

Witches used to cast Spells, on people according to things of old.

So why has the word been applied to the correction of the words we use, to fit a certain form?

Are you casting a spell over someone when you spell all your words? (For the record the definition of the word Witch, was a seeing person, nothing really to do with the Devil and Evil ‘‘things”.)


Prisoners are cast down to complete their sentence before being allowed to go free, having served their time in jail.

Yet the same word is used, when you place all our spelt words into a sentence.

So who are you placing under your Sentence when yours spelt words are in a sentence?

And then words themselves can also be interesting.

Waging War: words that are often strung together.

Why is a money term directly connected to the word War?

It could have been so many other words in front of war. But no, we use a money term. No profit in War right?

Abbreviation of G.I. for the soldier. The G stands for Government, the I for Issue.

Yet is a term used for live human people.

They just got turned into standard Government Issue, just like bombs, guns, torches and parachutes.

Just another asset of the state, expect that GI’s die of course and need replacing.

Business: This is ‘‘Busy Ness” spelt together.

Nothing about producing here, just about being busy.

Recreation: Re Creation – two words. Re for each time. Creation.

No limit to how many times you can be recreated, just that you are when you do something recreational.

Community: Common Unity. This is really the words under.

Community. Imagine if we all were truly in community with each other?

This list of words could go on and on. Try it, have a think about words around you and what you might be truly saying.

Clearly when you stop and really look at a lot of words, they do hide a lot of deeper meaning.

Why this article?

So folk can get used to stepping back from daily life and see at a higher level what is happening around them, each and every day.
Think about things that perhaps they never have before, might have never seen before.

I would be most interested in seeing what words (that are spelt correctly) others might find, via a comment in reply.

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