There is so much exquisite beauty about. Too fast we travel, in this modern world, to see sometimes even glimpses of it.

Yet, there all the while, for those that stay the path, know the way.

For there is strength beyond the measure of the things the modern world considers strong.

So much so that now the just the mention of the word “vulnerable”, brings forth images of the weak and nothing else. Without consideration it seems of how others have to come to know the power contained therein.

For these souls, having travelled much, know another side to the word “vulnerable”.

For a small ride, please come with me now. As you read, more slowly these words. A little journey of thought and acknowledgment, we take together now.

For there are those around us, perhaps someone you know or maybe a family member. Who well the other side of this word, indeed.

They have worked hard on themselves, over many years. At times decades in the making. The awareness calling to them, to venture on. Toiling on their journey, upon themselves.

Much brought forth into their awareness about self.

What makes me do what I do?

Why do I react the way I do, when I do?

Why damage have I down to others? What parts of it can I put right?

Why do I keep lying to myself?

The Ego understood, no longer in control.

Those aspects only for the brave to tread in, those corridors. And many more.

And they, as they venture on, learn about old things in new wonderful ways. Somehow feelings like you are returning home or somewhere lovely, the more you stay the path.

Gratitude arrives at the beginning and never goes away. Deeper and wider the pond, never stops.

Compassion, for now they can see truly, the damage we are doing to ourselves and our home.

Joy, held deep inside. Great beauty has arrived.

Love, the power of it, exquisite to see.

The result, someone who plays attention with conviction, about who they are now, and how to keep control of self.

And for those that have truly learnt to tap into all the energy flying about.

For them, just natural, all the time you see.

To choose to be vulnerable in the most powerful ways.

They are strong enough to open up and let another in, who has need. That crosses their path. Knowing exactly what it is they are doing, when they do. But choosing to do it anyway.

For these are the warriors circling around us all.

Those who will respond should your heart cry out.

Those who know what plate of armour they are removing and why.

There is therefore indeed, a flip side meaning of what it can mean to be vulnerable. That of the warriors and those continuing to qualify in as they are doing.

Who can see what is happening about and have the strength to carry so many others. Because they know their path and choose to help others, get to know theirs.

Their own chosen vulnerability, because they know no other way.

Just to help you if you are in need one day.

Vulnerability, as our little journey now comes to an end.

And those brave enough to hold in their hearts, come what may.

Real gratitude of no greater force ever, we should all come to understand.

And maybe if being vulnerable to our benefit, catches on. As the trail blazers do and show us the way, back to Life

Maybe then, will being vulnerable, be the ultimate show of strength?

To care that deeply to care enough for everyone around you. Just to simply choose to open your heart.


Pathways to Resonance.

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