When people read this word it brings perhaps thoughts of Witches, witch craft, evil, control and limiting others options about their lives. Controlling other people’s lives.

Sentence. A mind can race towards lock down, prison, custodial time, time, a lot of time without freedom.

What surrounds is a world carefully crafted, every nuance considered. Cast in a fire that has foundations in time long forgotten. This mode, this die, is cast to hold you down, keep you distracted for your whole life. Keep you in fear it seems.

The obvious can been found everywhere. The distraction of the media, the hate and distrust that requires so much law, the education that traps and enslaves.

So, so many places, when looking down on the environment before.

And yet there is even more, deeper aspects that have been cast in this mode. It spreads further than you can see and hear. It spreads into your thoughts, the core vibration that you are, but also the language we are taught from the very start.

To grasp the size of the tentacles and the reach they have, takes time. Time to allow yourself to be exposed to all before, to understand the width of the spread.

Maybe in part this piece puts more of the picture together.

The English language matters, it controls, limits, hurts and binds who you are and what you think you can achieve in so many ways. Your soul need not be bound thus. Your thoughts the same also.

But be careful with you language, the words you use inside your mind, those you speak and those you write. With all of these goes some of your energy.

When spelling, you are casting spells, literally. Sentences once created, can create a “sentence” for someone else. Sentencing them to think in your manner. (Just think what they told you about when you were being educated)

Maybe limiting their thought, binding them into something you would rather not. At the extreme, spelling and sentences are used directly in the law to bind and constrict you.

In your thoughts, your words, you’re written sentences, you are casting Spells and creating “Sentences”. As the language has been cast in fact against you as another part of the die that was cast so long ago.

Even this article cast’s my spell upon you.

Be careful in what you believe, who you let in, how you interact with the world. You are mightily powerful in ways not yet understood, maybe. Be careful to fully try to “understand” (in legal matters this means “stand under”) where the mode is and how this is built to cast your world.

Energy behind your thoughts, your words, your spelling, your sentences matter.

My word traveling to you now, casts my spell (in some way) on your today.

Words matter.

My sentence’s is however in this manner, my energy towards, your freedom. Not your prison, as many are using words on you all the time.
Think even, about all the words, you see in Facebook and other social media sites. They are all having an effect on you, right? They all create a spell and sentence. What will you let in?

Will you be limited and constrained by others use of this language on you?

Let me state, the deeper meaning of the word “Witch” from which all dark thought instantly comes to the fore, actually meant, “the one who knows” as it has been told to me. Why were they pushed out of society, burnt at the stake? Might it have been, might it be now, that those that control the crafting of the mode in today’s world, don’t want you to know either?


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