So what difference does lending a hand make?

Why should I bother, whispered in your mind, I can hear? Does my action, my energy, really matter?

Let me draw upon all for you.

Many know that much opposes all, that others have agendas which don’t necessarily benefit anyone but themselves. Many know that most if not all that is supposed to be real actually isn’t. The lies, deceit and entrapment are far too much the norm. Everywhere storms rage, people go hungry, wars kill and maim, others poisoned every day without consent. Children trapped into slavery, cloaked as “normal”. “This is the path you should follow” they say, without disclosure of the trap lying in wait.

It seems weather controlled; Food made more and more toxic, money moves further away rather than towards you, as they said it would. Our planet raped, laid barren, at every turn. The energy tasked to a mindless game, a lie so unbelievable, so large, that it seems to cloud all.

And yet, and yet …….

With just the smallest, tiny, tiny breath of air, the very smallest of breezes, an ember, on the every point of expiration, can a wild fire result, with just a breathe, a wisp, not more.

A heavy load is made light with the helping hand of others.

That the forces opposing, seem mighty and large, and yet are nothing to the highest authority on the land. You, when you understand who you are in the moment.

So where is the change, where is that spark you seek? How can this possible change the world?

The fact is that you have it with you. It has always been so, all the time. It is just been that no one has told you how important it is and incredibly easy it is to use.

Collectively the energy we all have makes anything that can come against hardly even noticeable. Focusing here makes the noise that is supposed to entrap, so incredibly small / trivial.

So where is this breath that can change all ……………?

It is right before you in the next moment of your own choice. It will never be further away than that. So simple, so pure, and yet so, so amazingly powerful.

Before anger rises, take stock, of the why.

See someone who needs a shoulder, for a time, lend yours.

Learn how to listen, not to express, but to understand, to connect, truly so.

Give a smile, now and again.

Reach out to help, to dry the eyes, maybe even just to open the door.

Help someone around you, even yourself, just because, in spite of all, you choose to act.

For you know not, where the spark given, will end. Where the ember that bursts into life will go. Like the ripples on the pond, spreading out before. Where a single gesture might change the lives of the many. Where that moment invested, even in yourself, may led, and may in fact change the world.

A heavy load is made light with the helping hand of others.

A drop of rain by itself perhaps goes unnoticed, but many can make the mightiest of rivers, whose flow can never be stopped.

So this force, unlimited so, is within you. Your spark, your drop of rain, that smile, the sharing, the time given, is with you, now in moment.

A heavy load is made light with the helping hand of others.

But you, and only you, have to act.

For it can never be answered in the “they”.


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