Where is life found?

First consider: Is it in the noise of the media?, in the fiction of your name? In the religion that controls?, The slide show that plays out before? The education system that binds and traps? The money that corrupts? The attention given to all that distracts? The noise you let in because you didn’t understand you had control? In the endless array of crap we are asked to consume?

Is this truly where your life is found?

Stop, literally stop, and think about all above, where is your life, how do you, where do you spend it? What pollutes yours, and why? Why do you let so much in to control, distract and pollute?

Life is in the silence, powerful beyond measure you already are. In the putting down of ego, in the learning of how to listen, in the figuring out of who you are, and what lessons you are here to learn, is life.

Life so rich and abundant that nothing can limit. Life so amazing, that all things wither before.

Life is in the moment, when upright and whole, taken for the joy the freedom, observed for the lesson. For it is your reflection of the learning that life takes hold.

Life is in the moment, so silent and pure.

All else is nonsense, that make no sense at all.


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