Where will you stand when what you relied upon turns to dust?

Be careful where your castle is built. There is no stable base to be found beyond yourself.

Where will you stand when all else fails when:

1. agendas once hidden are truly revealed?

2. what appears stable proves to be not?

3. “food” is rationed, and totally dependent you’ll be.

4. time wasted in social media proves correct? Wasted time.

5. the noise you let in stops, the real truth revealed?

6. all the devices you relied upon are rendered useless, beyond your control?

7. freedom of movement and thought are pressed upon you?

Where will you stand?

The agenda of man is but nothing compared to the agendas beyond sight. Where unstoppable forces come to make a new age of the time. For this has already begun. Yet many, even those seemingly awake, will not see its arrival, already missing the point. Distracted by noise, gadgets, events of the day. Driven by fear, ego and the lights of the time.

For the show deliberately cast, is all consuming it seems, until realised what is the real scheme.

Think just for a moment, think, where will you stand, when this world is cast by a new die, where life is not valued. When all that you know now to be wrong is proved right, where even those things you thought were stable, prove not.

The only place, the only foundation to be trusted is you. All else can be washed away. Invest in yourself now, for time is short. Seek out the truth, your truth today in the moment. For when man’s attempt to control fails, agendas yet unseen will prevail.

In these times, days not far away it seems, the only place you will be able to stand is within yourself.

Spend time to change where you place value, the rock upon which you stand. Make investment now, for time is short; seek out those things hidden in deceit (but not the noise). Learn to be in the flow, to let go, and go. Let the spirit lead, put the mind and throw the ego aside. Be still and go inside.
Inside there is love, a home unshakable to the core, built on things no man or agenda can ever ignore. Upright you will be on that day for you, in control of your actions, thoughts and feelings, is the only place to be.

Put all else down as quick as you can. Pickup this new world for yourself, before opportunity passes by. Begin now in the moment to lay foundation anew. Built upon a world coming, but yet to be revealed, except to a few.

Your Freewill to decide, the choice is now yours has forever it’s been.

Where will you stand?



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