The Core

Your life is yours.

Nothing less and nothing more.

Measure it not by anything around you that others would have you use. Measure it not by the goods owned, your monetary balance, nor anything else materially grounded. Measure even, it not by the acts, spreading of the word, whatever it may be, when others notice and follow. For even this can in fact be a distraction for them.

Society informs that your life should be conformed, educated by a process that drives no intelligence, no change. It shows you a path to in fact, lose the bulk of your life to no education whatsoever. Just think.

Turn down and off, the noise. Everything that comes from outside is built to distract. Guard the gates well and strong. Allow only that through which you decide.

Nothing more

Is your way, really The Way? Why must you have your say? Why not learn to take on board the views and expressions of others without being driven by Ego to show how clever you might be. What drives your desire to be better, to be heard? That is the real question. Why must your way, be The Way?

Nothing Less

You are the same, exactly so, as all others on the planet. No one better, worse, more powerful, less capable than, the person closest to you, or far away. Equal we all are, yes some born to more privileged than others, but that changes naught.

Let Ego drive nothing, take care to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings. Investigate why you react to events passing by. This is the key, the real measure of life, even called successful.

Do not be held back by regret. I shouldn’t, I couldn’t, I can’t, just trap and limit. Worse still maybe why didn’t I, I should have, all prison binding you to life limited, but only by you.

Your Life is yours.

Let you be the master of it. Work out what makes you tick, before being so quick to open mouth, to be above those around. Let you not be limited by convention. Find yourself, soar above all. Watch life go by silently, master yourself in the moment.

What is the intention in your action in the moment? Learn to be still, in control, focused, living without regret. Take action when led to be involved.

Use your time wisely, for you know not when it ends.

Here lies the keys to life that knows no bounds.

Your Life is yours.

Nothing less

Nothing more…..


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