Mind the gap

Mind the gap

The gap, seemingly so small, to be stepped over and avoided, it seems. And yet when one pauses to look even for a moment, look deep and with eyes open, still and quite, the gap explodes to consume all, to be all.

The gift, the soul that reaches, is there waiting. It waits for you to drop and put down all that is not needed. All the noise needn’t consume, distracts it does, only if you decide so.

In the moment that spark of life roars so brightly. Magnificent beyond belief actually, your home awaits. Bearing no resemblance to all today. This new life, this heaven on earth, waits in the gap.

Clear your mind, clear you heart, clear you spirit and lose yourself in the gap. The world unseen explodes, the love so pure, the peace complete.

The power all consuming, but yet as a feather. So powerful.

Please, whenever you can, truly take the time to mind the gap.



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