Where is the problem?

Where is the problem

I see so much “they talk” all the time. Those running around shouting look; look over there, there is the problem. The problem is those corruption officials, the corrupt laws laid down.

The problem is those oil corporations and large businesses stealing, trading corruptly. The problem is the Jews, the Nazi’s, that or this religious group.

The problem is the corrupt courts, the courts of commerce in deceit of courts of law.

The problem is the corrupt political system, never seeing who sets the real party agenda. The problem is ……… The problem is anyone else but me, it seems.

So let me please be bold, for just a minute. What if:

  • it was us that consumed less? We can only wear one change of clothes at a time.
  • we all stopped buying goods wrapped in plastic and instead purchased items not wrapped or wrapped in environmentally sound wrapping?
  • we built communities in our own neighbourhoods? Wouldn’t we need less law and law makers?
  • we all stopped listening and paying attention to the nonsense going on around, where by our own action we actually feed the system?
  • no one voted?
  • we drove less and pedalled or walked more?

Instead of purchasing cheap goods all the time, we purchased ones that promised a longer life?

  • we turned off the media that constantly bombards, and instead talked to each other more?
  • we choose to help someone each day?
  • we choose to love more instead of hate each other?
  • we spent time learning to really listen to each other, without having to prove our point?
  • we learnt to love each other just that bit much more.
  • we opened our doors instead of living in fear behind them?

This list goes on and on and on.

Then, would there really be a “they” out there? Wouldn’t the power they seem to have come back to us where it was all the time anyway?

The problem, this system lives on, is us. Without us making the choices we do today, there would be no system.

It is our programmed behaviour that drives it.

Driven into us at an early age. It is us that feeds the corporations, keeps them growing, maintains the environment in which the corruption grows.

Maintains the environment in which governments are required.

We actually keep alive all society the way “they” want it, because “They” programmed you to behaviour exactly as they want you to.

The answer to the “they” crisis is us.

Always has been always will be.

We need to change what we do, and then there will be no “they”.


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