Where will you be when all else vanishes?

Where will you be when all else vanishes?

When the sound turned off, the lights are extinguished, when the show is over and all have gone home.

When politician has totally removed all your “rights”. When “The Law” completely binds your mind to think only in slave like manner. When the world’s oceans are toxic, dead, pools of waste. When Hydro Carbon and Electron makes toxic your sky, indeed your neighbourhood, your town your country, your world unfamiliar and foreign for life. When programmed to live in fear, to always reside, you will be.

Taught to distrust, doubt and hate the norm.

When plants and animals are dead, or worse. When “food” is no longer, swap instead for more control of your life. When the noise, the loud crashing, disruptive, ever consuming, ever getting louder deafening noise of the world destroys your ability to think for yourself.

Where, where will you be when you are finished being distracted by the world?

Will have time slip past so much that time previously spent elsewhere has now gone too? Might the opportunity you had to discover and grow be gone then forever in this life time?

When will you start to go inside to make the most important investment possible now, when there is still time left? For make no mistake, time is short.

Your opportunity perhaps even more so. For this world is being swept away, the very ground where you stand now. Made foreign unless your eyes can see.

So how does one become truly awake?

Inside the answer awaits, where the walls of the vineyard are broad and strong. In the peace and the moment, the control of self, lays the eyes to see, the ears to listen and hear, all that life offers. So close everyone is to the truth hidden in plain sight. Yet perhaps for a life or more, many already seal their fate.

The choice, the single biggest, massive, huge choice of all, is yours. No one can ever prevent your choice, but you. No one can make “law” or “rule” except you. You, you can be as free as you want.

Right now, as always, the choice is yours.


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