We rush, oh how we rush

We rush, oh how we rush

We rush to keep up. We rush to catch-up. We rush to be ahead. And for what when one considers the end.

At the expense of our own health we rush.

At the cost to our loved ones, family and partners, we rush.

Forgotten our friends and folk who just needed someone to listen, if only for a moment, we rush.

Rushing to stomp on another, rushing to be ahead.

Need to obtain that next …, when upon arrival, just more needed the result.

Where the giving up of life is just normal, crazy normal, for “The Rush”.

Denied that truth that “The Rush” is just a lie. A heinous, toxic, lethal lie.

Long forgotten: The warmth of a smile, the hand held by the heart’s love, the child that needs more than what is “allocated” in the “available time”, the miracle that is sunrise and sunset, the indescribable life that is beauty all around, the very gift that is life itself.

And yet we rush, oh how we rush.


Footnote: I know, and have paid dearly for this understanding I have today.


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