Blessed, not close does this word come. Much revealed in the time of gap, has been.

The more slowed down, the more detailed focused the reveal.

Crushed under the weight of The Truth as known now.

Enough now until application and perhaps gifted more.

The Grace of freewill choice, to surrender to what has always been, mind blowing when just the narrowest of angles revealed.

Life changing each step taken. Now the smallest of steps provide ever more expansive view. With awe magnified beyond times measure.

Humbling, to beyond grain on beach now, this thing called Life.

For the Life of the Atomic, distraction is all at best.

Life beyond, oh the beauty and Grace. Forever has been, forever will be.

Ready to commune with the willing, those naked of all that taught. All that weights down and binds tight. Preventing the beginning of the real life agreed to long ago.

For the faint of heart, careful, considered must be the journey. For it dictates the release of all held close. All that was previously valued, now but dust on the floor.

This language of the left close it will never be. For this is the place that needs not expression, for it just is.

The subtle power, the meaning, right before your eyes, where it always been, where it will be always, ever more.


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