More clues in plain sight

Flat Screen TV

Ours a multi-dimensional experience indeed.  That of touch, sight and sound. Feeling, smells, learning, response and reaching out.  All contrast upon this fabric we call time.

Feedback / response coming to us from all angles.  No direction the source for it is always there, always being, seen or unseen.  It just is.

We can safely let go in this place.  Drowning in the gentle bliss of this place.  Knowing that we are held in the palm of a hand, each one of us are.

The puppet show man creates.  That of distraction, deceit and lies.  Delivered to you, carefully weaved into the web that entangles and consumes.  That of advertising, rights and standing your ground.  For right you are, with both the position held and defence of the same, a lie.

Convenience not mentioned, but just keeping pumping it out.  What to think, say and feel.  How to be isolated, controlling the fear instilled, almost too much just for today.  Locks on the doors, no hand stretched out.

The invader came to us when heads turned the other way.

It stole from us almost the very essence of Life.  For it took the depth of perception away from us, we allowed it to be.

Presenting all wonder, mystery and intrigue showing us a controlled interpretation of what is all around us.  No need to lift more than the finger as guide.

It did all this whilst, without our knowledge broad enough, attacking the very resonance that was ours from the start.

For it filtered and robbed of our multi-dimensional natural, seen and unseen. Taking from the jar of time that is yours and mine.

All now replaced by a “flat” screen TV.



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