The boundary of the Divine

The boundary of the Divine

In all manner of incredible ways we have created a million versions of our understanding about a God, or God’s, and all manner of variations upon a theme.

Seekers wondering the purpose and where to find divine inspiration, perhaps the target.

The reality of course different than ever imagined

For in every atom of air, the water that strikes the face, the clap of thunder, sunsets so bold. In this Nature if washed over you in just the right way, you’ll see more than imaginable as the Truth.

Deeper however, than the physical and spiritual aspects of this journey, if either of these was not enough, The Divine shouts from that of the most obvious.

For beyond the physical and spiritual that might today form your path, there is more.

Oh so much more to the mystery of this place.

In these places the infinite manner of the Devine, volume turned up to fever pitch.

For if you seek “enlightenment” look no further than the unseen Nature.

It is in these passage ways so much revealed.

Take the time to consider.

The wave that crashes again and again upon the shore.

The science of why, we indeed understand in the physical. But for this to be a reality, in the unspoken part are the rules that allow the wave in the first place.

Unseen, but is in play at all times to allow the wave to exist. For what would the wave be unless allowed by the rules in the first place?

The cells of your body.

Each one has volume, width and height.

Yet when combined in just the right way, they have strength to hold you up. The skin, enough to hold you together and keep “the outside from you” from breaching the strength.

No chemical formula expresses the essential requirement required for you to be you. Yet you still, of course, are.

The rules unspoken govern it all and at the same time allow all to be possible, out of the chaos.

From where does the “knowledge” or “the established rules” come from that allows you to be you?

Our atmosphere

Its substance made perfect to hold the vacuum of space, out.

The chemical elements and interactions understood. At least in part.

But look deeper into what isn’t being expressed in our “wisdom”.

From where does the timeless rule or law of Nature come, that allows this to happen in the billions of locations across our Universe, where it does?

Where can you locate this infinite array of existence and being?

Chemical bonds

We create new substances, strength and properties as almost a magician would.

Understood the releases of energy, atoms, protons that, when combined in the just the right way, give us the results that abound everywhere today.

Yet where do we find the “rule or law”, that allows this to occur, in the first place?

For before these things work as they do, there has to be law that allows it to be so.

Everything of Creation that has occurred and will occur, dances inside this unheard music that is the very essence of Life.

For nothing can be anything, before the law exists that allows it to be so. The natural law of this place.

If that inner voice, that energy of pull from deep inside, has you seeking the “sense” to make you complete.

Consider nothing more than what is in play to make you and the place you reside, what it is.

If it wasn’t for all these unseen Laws, every aspect of all, wouldn’t be.

It was “out of chaos” it all happened. But to then conform to what? For if they weren’t referenced then all would have remained indeed, chaos.

Everything that is us, in us and around us, seen and unseen, is so, because of the unseen unspoken book of law that allows all things to be as they are.

But all, all before you, plays out according to an infinite, infinite array of rules and law that allows all possibilities to be possible.

If you are seeking for that wholeness, yearning from deep inside it comes, look no further than all the things you can’t see or hear.

For indeed the boundary of the Divine is in the unspoken.

In these places the hand that holds all as it is, (whatever that is) deafening in its silence as it does what it does, for all time before and beyond.

Let the unseen source wash over. Draw quietly closer to it.

May you indeed drown in the awe of the consideration of all it took, for it to be just so, for you.

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