The fabric of Knowing

That of the seen and unseen.

For fabric, whilst real, more so than anything seen.  Beyond human sight so fantastic is this place..

Reveals itself when ready and open you are, having the eyes to see.

Much work invested, staying true to the path. For all adjustments along the way, now understood, the why that made up your past.

In the palm you rest now, just knowing to be.

All about, this grid displayed when focused just so. The fabric of all knowledge, there before you on display.

Strong, thin and uniform is the grid. No hint of imperfection anywhere to be seen.  Perfectly uniform from horizon to horizon, all you can do is stare.

For it is strong, flexible, and beautiful, in awe, it holds you fast. The substance of all knowledge just doing what it has been doing, since before time began, before the very very distance past. These are the threads not of matter or wave form. But simply just are what they are, for that is more than enough.

If light catches it just so, glossy and reflective the sheen revealed. Wave after wave, as if wind washing over it, as it does in tall grass. Amazing that this fabric abounds, as if shielding out the chaos that would come in.

And how, how do we get to the place where we can see?

By turning off all that was given to us, for us to just be. For this knowing can only be seen. Outside the reach of mere words to describe. For this fabric exists beyond that of infinity, you see.

But there we are inside this most fantastic of place.

Without any hint of knowledge, that all powerful, can be our place. For as we swim through this journey called Life, who knew all required was to let go, and never to hold onto to anything tight.

If you are looking for the answers to make you whole.

It is towards this fabric you must roll.

For this is the place where unseen becomes seen. All knowledge on tap, as you boldly get reacquainted with your soul.

And if these words no sense at all make. If you seek you’ll find, then nothing will bind. But let the eyes find, no need to speak!


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