Everywhere, everything has a label applied.
The items to be purchased from the shelf.
Strong, Weak, with care, Fragile, Organic, Improved, New, Used.
All with every good purpose, at this level applied.
The application of labels doesn’t have limit at this application however.
Racist, looser, left, deceitful, quick to anger, hateful, winner, snob, loud, bigot, beggar, selfish, right, arrogant, hypocrite, victim, materialistic.
These and many more are thrown about, as if the power they contain, mean nothing and can’t cause suffering and pain.
Might all of these be however, us expressing our own limitations upon yourself?
Might that label just be about you keeping yourself safe. Safe enough that you’ll look no further, no other value the person has to offer. No need to look to past the label, to another side. For in a box you have placed them, no need to go further.
This is however, in Nature is absurd, for in Nature the only constant is change.
Might it be possible that the label applied yesterday warrant changing the every next day?
Might something new be revealed that changes the others position and where now they prefer to be?
Might you come to a new place of understanding, just how toxic the place, you cast the other to be?
For in just the next second to come, might arrive that which changes you or them forever more. Bearing in the next no resemblance to that of the one just gone by.
What purpose then the steadfast labelled applied?
Maybe its function more about keeping myself safe.
For when I apply a label to a person it means, for the most part that I need go no further. Look deeper no more, the plan.
For all definitions, reactions and interactions will be controlled by the meaning I have applied, via my label and the meaning I have prescribed.
For the definition I have is robust and strong. It will allow for no other possibility or more value to be seen. Rigid the mold. Even if not robust and strong.
Once I have “labelled”, perhaps then no further exploration required, regardless more what the deeper meaning might be, of the person or perhaps worse what I really understand the definition to be.
Does the application of a label upon another, mean that they have no further value? For all other value offered or misunderstood may remain safely outside of me.
Is it applied so I need not bother to see through my label, into perhaps other aspects of a person or group that might offer me indeed a great deal?
Might it also block me from seeing any hurt or pain that has had the other person arrive to where they are?
Rigid labels I apply, can be like the concrete block around the feet.
They deny the very nature of the Nature of this place. For the only thing constant is change.
Maybe learning how not to apply labels is the freedom to be open to all learning from all sources.
To be open to accept the challenges outside of the “safe” model I had created.
Least I create a comfortable jail for myself to reside.
For indeed how would I feel if I had vision to the labels applied by others on me?
How quickly then might the feelings of it being unfair, or not understood, rise to be.

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