Balance, when so, its reflection is everywhere

Balance, when so, its reflection is everywhere

In Nature, the only thing I see is balance. The entire environment is just so. Creation doing what creation does.

Things growing, maturing, things in decline but always in balance the view.

In relationship, created by our hand, so we have the power to create and destroy. A gift given, entrusted to us to wield as we see fit.

Our choice it is to be in balance in our relationships or not. Ours the choice to create, maintain or destroy.

In our marriages and partner relationships so the same applies.

Are we in balance or not?

The Love between partners is a diamond when reviewed in this light. Something that, over time, grows more clear, more pure and hopefully more steadfast of itself.

Yet of these things unseen, guardianship, protection and acknowledgement are the keys. This spoken and referred to from many texts.

This, the acknowledgement of the diamond at the start, the engagement in the journey for souls to create and protect the same, it should be. Guardianship of the diamond is next, with balance maintained, nay upheld, it must be.

Recently under some long term pressure we (My partner and I) allowed things to take root, that caused us to be out of balance. To chip down the diamond that is ours. Subtle was the start, allowing just a bit here and there to creep in.

The result was a hammer smashing hard at the diamond. The damage from which hadn’t been explored. It was hard days indeed, for me at least, to work through what had happened and why. How much diamond dust was already at my feet?

We had allowed ourselves to be pulled completely out of balance by external force. But allowing ourselves to become distracted by toxic agenda from external source.

We have God given talent to pay attention to the detail or not, to create or destroy in the same instant. This given so we might learn the application of the same. But more what balance feels like in our lives and the attention that must be paid or risk losing all.

The charge might be that this is too much in the detail, when all else seems a mess. Yet if in the detail attention paid, the mess just wouldn’t be.


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