If it wasn’t for Why, perhaps things like Flight, Gravity, The Universe, we would understand much less. Why does this happen and the other thing not, perhaps all the driver needed, limitless without stop.

Yet maybe are we leaving the answers of some of the Why’s that actually should be ours to answer?

Let’s try a couple of easy ones, to start with:

Why does my local grocery shop, have a ‘‘health food” section?

Why do I need to have the last say on a matter of conversation, if I do?

There is of course much bigger and sometimes much smaller, yet with larger outcomes bundled right in, questions that start with those three simple letters W H and Y.

Why are we still using internal combustion engines that essentially haven’t changed since their inception?

Why do we now wrap everything we purchase in ‘‘pop packs”, made of plastic?

Why are there still the have’s and have nots?

Why do we continue to vote in governments that for decades have not solved the big issues? (Health Care, Crime, Poverty, Education).

Why do I find myself wasting so much time on information streaming towards me at a torrent rate?

Why, when I look are all the big news companies all carrying the same stories?

Why is what they say is ‘‘The News”, The News, or the only news I seek out?

Why are economies not so anymore?

Why am I feeding myself and my family, what is labelled food, yet contains so many chemicals and poisons?

Why is there Chlorine and Fluorides in my drinking water?

Why do I hate what I do?

Why don’t I laugh more?

Why is the human race the only species paying to live on the planet?

Why don’t I love more, including myself?

Why is it I need more, of whatever it is to feel good?

Why do we still have War?

W H and Y, these three simple letters. Yet when applied to the things around us all, can lead us to places of new discovery for ourselves.

But before rushing in, take stock. For the path of the Why and where it might lead, often isn’t for the faint of heart.


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