Stuck in the mud

stuck in Mud

Into this mud we are thrust. Maybe quicksand more apt in name. No hint of alternative ever revealed.

No allowance of “self” or “exploration” allowed. No discussion, not one, about what you would actually like to, or feel to do with your life.

Thrust into the machine right from the start. Those luckily enough to be born into the world we called “privileged”, held by the have nots, in high esteem.

Yet consider the model, the only one, ever presented.

Pre school, primary and beyond, only grooming houses to keep you down, to fit in you see. For nothing worse than a world that might be unfair to you. Or at risk of being shunned for not confirming, it doesn’t take much.

Boundaries, limitations, Law and restriction the notes played thus.
Never that of adventure, discovery, gratitude, contribution, communication or Love allowed in.

For you see this quicksand into which you now sink. Has not good intention by you, other than to consume your Life. To rob you of the real experience that abounds, if boundaries pulled down.

For it is off to work, your Life now sacrificed. To spend the next 30 40 50 years giving your Life to this machine, that has been built only to consume. To be consume and to consume, just a little bit more.

No hint, no tolerance of real freedom allowed to rise to the surface.
For you must work to Live, to earn your living. When we are the only species here, that does.

The pressures, the strains, the deadlines all built to entrap at best.
At worse with your very Life, you’ll pay.

Deeper and deeper into the mud you sink. More pressure, more toxic food, more toxic rhetoric sent to be consumed. Until old enough you become to been to see what you did with your Life.

Confirmed to the programming the media told you everything was going to be alright. Or just kept pumping the fear to hold you down.
Foot pressuring on top of your head. Just keep giving, everything is perfect just the way it is.

And of those coming after, your kids and theirs,, seemingly no chance of change. Sadly perhaps worse their fate considering all that is happening now.

For this machine cares not for the need of the individual. As long as you continue to give your Life and that of your kids into the mud beside you they will stand. Deeper and deeper we’ll all go, just because we didn’t learn to say no, when it matters most.

For much effort required individually to start to free an arm. Perhaps then a leg in the huge effort it takes to dig yourself out. For as others around might not have understood. It is only you that can do your work, to unplug from the machine.

To begin to arrive at the understanding that there is more to Life. Your Life, than all this madness that kills and suffocates.

But struggle you must. For no one can decide this path for you, day by day. Holding yourself accountable to the change. In exactly the same way that the caterpillar becomes butterfly. So is the challenge set before you, if you want to work hard to get out of the mud.

For as you now see others around you being killed, consumed by the machine, the greed.

It is upon your shoulders your own rescue must start.

For it is in each decision, each gesture, each time you gift yourself your space. In the helping and caring for those around you and the gratitude for even just yourself starts to arrive. Life and your choices, attempting to do better than that of yesterday, each day your feet are supported by the ground.

So before you now decision to take.

To start, stuck in the mud or to begin today to start to pull yourself out.

For Life was never meant to be that of stress or struggle.

More a celebration of Life, Love, Freedom, the very essence of what it feels like to even really be alive.

For such is the grandeur of this entire place we call home.

So perfect our existence should be.

If only more can see now the mud holds them fast.

But free yourself first you must.

Then helping those around.

Your choice today, it is.

For those now standing on the banks, plain to see, the sights. Hold the gratitude and compassion for the learning embarked now for those around.

For where they are now, once, is where you once stood.

Remember not to judge.


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