Looking back, was it as it seemed?

Pressure its part of a modern Life it seems.

The stresses and strains of this daily Life.

But inside those there were those deep things you carried buried in you. Those things that you wanted no one else to know. Perhaps had to share them with a friends, for you had to get it out.

These are things of the major stresses perhaps our Life had to endure.

How to tell the other you don’t want to be married, your plans not aligned.

When you did something majorly wrong and couldn’t tell a soul.

Watching a sibling go through some horrific event, unable to change the outcome, from the outside.

When foreclosure just around the corner perhaps, and no one but you knows.

When you were worried about first crush’es response to your attention, not sure.

When found yourself caught in the middle of a dangerous lie or deceit.

When forced to move to the next place I’ll hate. Only now I truly call it home.

When work stresses just kept climbing incredibly high, and you knew something had to give.

Stop a moment, we’ll be not a tick, close your eyes and remember the standouts that ring true for you.

Feel the fear, anxiety strain and immense load of stress you carried through fear. The feeling of being unable to predict or the control the future, most scary place indeed.

If events don’t align, don’t worry or fuss, yours will arrive for you. Rushing in as a flood, if you have had a few.

With all the stress of each now held in hand as a cup of the most toxic brew.

Snap, jump most quick directly to today, right now as you’ve paused to read this.

Today think now of the outcomes associated with those fears or events.

Which turned out, at end of all, just right?

Perhaps now thinking of it so, a smile it brings out.

Which now you’re seen as the most pivotal of times of all. When decision had to be made and you were now glad you did.

Which now resolved in a most unexpected way, but seems now the most perfect of result?

As you go now quietly on your way, consider this.

If you could talk back to that character holding then all the fear. That person of a moment ago.

What would say to him right in the now about just letting go?

How would you council now how to proceed in your Life? Worrying now about the things you can change and letting go of any stress of all those you cannot.

Be gentle upon yourself, now as you let yourself out. Door quietly snapping shut.

We were never designed to carry those weights or loads.
Be gentle upon yourself.
Be gentle on your Soul.

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